If You Only Take One Vacation in 2018, Your Zodiac Says This Should Be It

Sophie Miura

Whether you're a horoscope devotee or not, there's something alluring about zodiac predictions. The idea that the stars could hold the answer to our future—whether that be our career, relationships, or what the next week will hold, can offer much-needed reassurance—especially given the unsettling events of late.

We've let zodiac signs guide our decorating choices, relationship compatibility, and even suggest our dream engagement ring style, but what about vacation choice? Finding a travel destination in tune with your personality is the key to taking the perfect restorative break. While a girls' getaway to Tulum might be a good fit for social Geminis, Sagittarians would yawn at the idea, instead preferring an adventure to the lush rainforests of Madagascar.

Here, we've decoded the typical traits associated with each of the 12 zodiac signs and found the ultimate travel locale to suit your personality. Quit scrolling through travel reviews—your perfect vacation match is here.

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