New York's Coolest Design Duo Shows Us How to Elevate Any Room

by Sophie Miura

If you ever check into upstate New York rental This Old Hudson, there's one thing you should never say to the owner and creative, Anthony D'Argenzio. "I don't ever want to have a space where people walk in and are like, 'I have all the same furniture!'" he says. Fortunately, there's virtually no risk of that happening in the stunning two-story historic home. It only takes a glimpse inside to realise it's a passion project for husband-and-wife duo Anthony and Hillary, founders of creative firm Zio & Sons.

Built in 1915, the home was the perfect foundation for D'Argenzio to put his unique skills to work. "When I look at interiors, I think of composition—how is it going to look in a photo, and how does the light change this room?" says the prop stylist, antique collector, and creative director. Every room is curated with unique, textured finds, and you'd be hard-pressed to spot any of the furniture in a catalogue.

It's time to toss out the conventional interior design rulebook. Ahead, D'Argenzio takes us on a tour of This Old Hudson and shares the secrets for styling a truly individual home.

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