13 Zero-Cost Ways to Make Your Home Feel Fresh

Gabrielle Savoie

There comes a time in the life of every busy person when a décor refresh becomes not only necessary but also imminent. That doesn't necessarily involve a full-blown remodel or décor overhaul, but just like any good spring-cleaning session—you sometimes need to roll up your sleeves to make your home feel new again. Are you hosting the holiday parties this year? Do you have guests staying over for a few days? Don't let your home show that you've been working 10-hour days every week and that your décor has suffered accordingly. 

Because we're all short on time and money before the year's end, we know our wallets don't always follow our hearts' desires. This is why we came up with some fresh home hacks to update your décor without spending a dime or jeopardising an entire weekend. Keep scrolling for our favourite home hacks to make your home feel new again—for free.

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