Snack on These 5 Foods When You Want to Burn More Calories Than You Consume

Dacy Knight

If you're looking to upgrade your snacking without increasing your calorie intake, there are a handful of foods that can satisfy your cravings without disrupting your diet. These super healthy snacks burn more calories to digest than they add to your intake, making them essentially zero calorie options.

Body and Soul recently listed the healthy lineup of "foods that contain no calories," which includes some usual suspects like superfoods and an assortment of other fruits and vegetables. As you refocus your lifestyle choices around wellness and health, consider these nutrient-packed snacks to curb your hunger between meals and rid yourself of the guilt of consuming extra calories. Here are some of the top picks from the lineup of "zero" calorie foods.

Apples. Your go-to childhood snack makes for the perfect adult option as well. If you're feeling below energy at work in the afternoon, slice up your favourite apple for an easy, healthy pick-me-up. Add peanut butter (and forget the zero calorie measure) for some extra protein to carry you through until dinner.

Beetroot. While beets can have a polarising effect on eaters, those who love them can capitalise on beet salads as an tasty snack that won't mess up your other mealtimes.

Kale. This popular superfood is packed with nutrients and also makes the list for causing as many calories burned as consumed. If you're trying to reduce calories in your diet without cutting back on what you eat, simply switch out the iceberg lettuce or romaine for some kale the next time you make or order a salad.

Green beans. These legumes are a staple side for a reason. Prepared correctly, they're a delicious and healthy addition to any lunch or dinner. When in doubt, serve up a healthy plate of green beans to accompany your meal and enjoy more nutrients and fewer calories than you would with many alternatives.

Strawberries. It might be hard to believe something so tasty can be essentially calorie free. That said, the next time you're craving something sweet, opt for fresh strawberries in lieu of a dessert.

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