The Secret to Better Sleep Has Been Hiding at Zara Home All Along

Sacha Strebe

If you're feeling stressed, burned out, or just had a bad day, there's one thing that can turn it around every time: sleep. But with our fast-paced lives, settling down that racing mind can be easier said than done. Meditation is always a good option, but it's not for everyone (especially if you can't sit still long enough). Perhaps there's an easier way to calm yourself after a long hard day. It turns out, something as simple as the bedding you choose can help (or hinder) your slumber. 

According to the National Sleep Foundation, touch is an important factor and the "feel" of your mattress, pillows, sheets, and pajamas can impact the quality of your sleep. In their 2012 bedroom poll, "93% of Americans rated a comfortable mattress, 91% rated comfortable pillows and 86% rated a comfortable feel of sheets and bedding as important to good sleep." If you fall into the same category, then we found your cure and it's been hiding at Zara Home all this time. So it's time to toss those old linens once and for all. Thankfully, you don't need more than $100 because they're having a massive mid-season sale right now. Happy shopping and cheers to sweet dreams!


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