Your Walls Need: The Colour Swamp

by Melissa Goldstein
One of our favourite house tour alums, Sara Ruffin Costello, who also happens to be the former Creative Director for Domino magazine, was first to convert us to the washed-out wall colour trend. Costello introduced us to a custom blue-green paint that coats her library walls--a hue she herself coined Swamp. "It's the most perfect colour ever," she told us at the time, and judging from the numerous variations on the theme we've seen since, we're inclined to believe it. Riffs on this mix really are popping up everywhere we look, including on the cover of the new September issue of Elle Décor. And while the shade sometimes skews robin's egg blue, and other times the minty side of sea foam, it always exudes an aquatic quality. We polled a few of our favourite designers for their favourite versions of the trend.
jeff Pratt & Lambert "Pearl White" #2244 "While many light blues can run the risk of looking juvenile, this barely blue shade is quite sophisticated." - Jeff Andrews
rum Sherwin Williams "Hazel" #SW 6471 "It's an unexpected and delightful mix of blue and green." Woodson & Rummerfield
ken C2 "Inuvik Ice" #C2-5067 "This colour will change throughout the day, shifting from blue to green depending on the weather." - Ken Fulk
swamp-moody-ralph swamp-moody-blue swamp-moody-leap-frog
Ralph Lauren "Sanctuary" #RLVM273-VM, from $15, Eagle Paint and Wallpaper   Sherwin Williams "Moody Blue" #SW 6221, price upon request, Sherwin Williams  Sherwin Williams "Leapfrog" #SW 6431, price upon request, Sherwin Williams
swamp-moody-pearl-white swamp-moody-hazel swamp-moody-c2match
 Pratt & Lambert "Pearl White" #2244, price upon request, My Perfect Colour  Sherwin Williams "Hazel" #SW 6471, price upon request, Sherwin Williams  C2 "Inuvik Ice" #C2-5067, price upon request, My Perfect Colour
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