This Décor Trick Adds Instant Positive Vibes in Any Home

Jonathan Steinitz

We’re only a few weeks into tackling 2017 like a boss, and it already feels like we could use a little extra motivation. New year, new diet, new workout plan, new challenges at work, and even all the inauguration feels: There’s no denying there’s a lot going on. That’s where the power of positive thinking can come in handy.

The ability to infuse daily life with an optimistic outlook often starts at home, where we wake up every morning and retire in the evening. A simple solution? The word yes. Finding a prominent spot for affirmation will help you promote positive vibes and motivate a make-it-happen mentality. So it’s time to put the vibe out at home as a reminder that you’re a yes person. In the end, it’s all about being open to what’s next and ready to say yes to life’s questions and opportunities, big and small. Think of it as a positive filter on your decision-making. Dinner with friends? Yes. A spontaneous road trip? Yes. That workout class you’ve been meaning to try? Hell yes.

Maybe this is the year to be a yes person, embracing an optimistic outlook by saying yes to life experiences wherever possible. And it all starts at home.

Ready to create your own house of yes? Scroll for seven rooms that reinforce the power of positive thinking in 2017 using the word yes.

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