Realtors Agree—These Are the Worst Colours to Paint Your Home

Sophie Miura

Aaron Fallon for MyDomaine

Finding the perfect hue to paint your room might seem like a purely aesthetic decision, but it turns out the choice can have serious consequences. While it's well-documented that green sparks creativity and fiery tones energize a space, a report from Zillow Digs suggests colour can also impact the value of your home. 

The home improvement website mined data from more than 50,000 photos of recently sold homes to uncover colour trends. Worryingly, it discovered that rooms painted certain shades consistently fetched a lower offer, forming a blacklist of paint colours to avoid. These are the three paint shades industry pros say you should avoid at all costs:

  • Slate grey: Homeowners who opted to paint their dining room slate grey lost around $1400. However, those who chose dove or light grey increased the sale price by around $1400.
  • Off-white: While this shade might seem like a safe bet, the study found that kitchens painted off-white fetched less than the predicted estimate. Interior Designer Emily Henderson told Money that some shades of white paint can make a space look "flat" or "dead."
  • Terra-cotta: People who took a risk by painting their living room this shade of orange took $990 of the value of their home.
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