Psychologists Name the Worst Colour to Paint Your Home

Sophie Miura

Colour has the power to evoke memories and influence mood, so choosing the perfect hue for your home is an important decision. If you're unsure which swatch to try, colour psychology experts argue there are a few hues you should strike off your list immediately. Why? According to Elle Decor, these unsightly colours can induce anger or crush your mood with a single glance. Take note: These colours should be avoided at all costs. 

Dirty Green

Australian researchers have dubbed this muddled green-brown shade the ugliest colour in the world. Research agency GfK found that Pantone 448 C was the most offensive colour to print on cigarette packets to discourage smoking. 


While a blush peach tone might appear uplifting in small doses, Heather Humphrey, founding partner of the interior design firm Alder and Tweed, says it has the opposite effect when painted en masse. She recommends avoiding this shade, as it can overwhelm the space and be mood crushing. 

Poppy Red

Vibrant hues can energise a home, but according to Humphrey, poppy red is a poor choice. She explains that the pop-bright shade can be anger-inducing and combines pink and '80s neon, which will instantly date your space. 

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