The Surprising Way Hitting the Gym Can Help Your Career

Dacy Knight

Natalie Off Duty

Want to finally adopt a fitness routine that makes you a stronger, better you? Are you more than ready to see your career finally take off? Kill two New Year's resolutions with one stone and make 2017 the year you have it all. It turns out that working out could give your career a boost

Achieving personal fitness goals at the gym has been shown to enhance women's performance levels in the workplace, a finding highlighted recently by Well and Good. By regularly breaking a sweat and pushing yourself to become more physically fit, you'll be contributing to your professional prowess success. Leanne Shear, co-founder and president of Uplift Studios, says she sees a direct correlation. "Women are claiming their strength in the workplace more than ever," she says. "With regards to working out, the women who come through the doors get stronger, they lift heavier, they feel more powerful, and it certainly translates into their careers."

We know how sticking to a fitness routine can help boost productivity but there are other benefits of working out that translate into better work performance. Working out builds confidence and overcoming challenges in the gym can help make women feel more equipped to conquer obstacles in the workplace.

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