8 "Boring" Workwear Staples New York Editors Can't Live Without

Sophie Miura

They say moving to New York changes you, but one aspect I didn't expect the city to influence was my personal style. The frenetic energy, ever-present sirens, masses of people, and non-stop pace embued me with a sense of fearlessness I didn't have before—something that quickly translated to my closet. Bill Cunningham's words ring true: "Fashion is the armour to survive the reality of everyday life," and for New Yorkers, wearing items that spark joy is just one way we weather the relentless hustle. 

While the city encourages you to dress for yourself, and not someone else's gaze, it also requires a steady collection of fashion staples—items that act as a base layer for trend-driven buys. Simple white tees and black slacks mightn't be synonymous with New York style, but they're the unsung heroes of our closet. To give these essentials a little airtime, we turned to MyDomaine and Who What Wear's Manhattan-based editors to find out which items they can't live without. Their picks aren't bold tops, beaded bags, or of-the-moment shoes—instead, they're base buys that can be worn on repeat. Consider this an ode to "boring" workwear staples, the simple items that get us through the rigors of everyday life. 

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