16 Beautiful Throws for the Coziest Sofa

Jillian Knox Finley

Courtesy of Robson Rak

There are a few transformative things you can do to a space that instantly change how it looks and feels. One of them is paint, the second is lighting, and the third is texture. Today we're going to discuss the latter. While there are varying ways you can add texture to a room, one of the simplest and typically most affordable ways to do it is via the humble throw. 

A throw is the ultimate home companion each season, but winter throws really have their chance to shine right now because we all want our homes to feel cosy and warm while it's chilly or snowing outside. You can take a room from stark to stylish with one simple throw on the sofa or at the end of a bed.

In honour this versatile piece, we've rounded a few super-soft players to keep your sofa styled to a T. From artful geometric prints to lush neutrals, these luxurious additions have us looking forward to our next night in. 

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