Swiss Women Always Do This in Winter, Says an A-List Skin Expert

Sophie Miura

The Swiss are certainly no strangers to extreme weather conditions, yet they have a reputation for having year-round immaculate, glowing skin. The secret, says Ronit Raphael, Geneva-based skin expert and founder of A-list-approved brand L.Raphael, lies in their routine. 

"Swiss women approach skincare very differently than those in the U.S." she tells MyDomaine. "In Switzerland, it is about graceful enhancements, highlighting natural beauty, and improving skin over time so that it can age well." However, in the U.S., she argues there's a misconception "that you must strip things away because the base is not good—which is not at all true."

Those differences are just the start, though. From their morning routines to the drying ingredients they won't touch in winter, there's a lot we can learn from Swiss women. Ahead, Ronit shares their skincare secrets. 

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