3 Exercise Tips From a Health Expert to Try This Winter

Katie Fowler
by Katie Fowler

Your alarm goes off and it's still dark out. It's also raining. Your feet hit the freezing hardwood floors and you trudge to the bathroom while thinking of any excuse to not make it to your morning exercise class. This scenario is all too familiar during the middle of the year. How is one supposed to live by the mantra "summer bodies are made in winter" if the winter won't even allow us to get out from underneath our bed covers? We spoke to nutritionist and Pilates instructor, Lauren Willmot, on how to combat this dilemma once and for all.

"Winter is a time in which we should be recuperating, giving ourselves a break, and actually taking some time out," says Willmot. Now, this doesn't mean going into hibernation with Netflix and pizza for three months (wouldn't that be great?), instead try switching up your outdoor running group, or your HIIT gym sessions with something more suited to the weather while being comforting to you and your body.

Keep scrolling for Willmot's best exercise tips for maximum benefit during winter.

Stick to your routine

"Setting my alarm for 5:30 a.m. and training first thing in the morning is what usually works for me. By the end of the day I'm tired, 'hangry', and exhausted, so I'm more likely to be lazy and swap exercise for collapsing. But by sticking to my 5:30 a.m. exercise routine, no matter how dark or chilly it is, I know that at the end of the day I can relax. Plus, the morning endorphins (and the long black) that I have make me feel on top of things for the rest of the day."

Prioritise exercise

"Thirty minutes is all you need and anything over that is a bonus. Wake up a little earlier to fit it in before the babies rise, or work begins, and if that still isn't realistic for you, then work out in your lunch break or while the kids nap. By staying active you will feel better about yourself and help protect yourself from illness."

Move indoors

"Indoor exercise is my pick for winter, especially for those early mornings so you don't get wind burn. Pilates is my go-to and you can work up quite the sweat. And I like to mix it up between mat and reformer Pilates. I will still walk my dog and go for a run afterwards in the sunshine with my toddler to keep up the vitamin D levels though."

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