The 3 Winter Décor Trends You Haven't Already Seen

Katie Fowler
by Katie Fowler

Badlands Studio

As soon as we start to feel winter's chill it's time to swap out our summery pastel linen cushions and jute rugs for the faux fur throws and chunky wool accessories that make us feel oh-so cosy. Even though it's laughable that here in Australia we could dare bemoan the struggles of three whole months of winter—case in point, most of us were still going to the beach in June—decorating for the season is a satisfying exercise in layering. We do it with our clothes, and our skincare regime, and doing it in our homes is no different. Adding extra elements, such as rich fabrics, earthy colours, and darker tones grants us the illusion of being in a log cabin with the fire on and living life as hygge as possible. But knowing what trends to focus on can be overwhelming.

We asked three top interior designers their take on under-the-radar winter décor trends and how you can easily incorporate one (or all) of them into your home for maximum cosy appeal. Warning: By the time you've finished decorating with these ideas, you're going to want to stay snug and warm indoors all day long.

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Plush Luxe

You can't get any more wintry than the look and feel of plush fabrics and luxurious finishes. Director of SJB, Leo Terrando, says Art Deco furniture upholstered in rich velvet is a trend we'll be seeing a lot of this winter and one you can bring into your home in more ways than one. If you don't want to commit to a piece of furniture, try adding a jewel-coloured velvet cushion, or even a throw. Terrando is also a fan of the timeless appeal of marble (especially the black-veined varieties) to create a true winter ambience. A little natural stone goes a long way, so small décor accessories can still be the perfect additions. Another element to the luxe trend is berry colours. Always popular in fashion and beauty, the juicy tones are now paving their way into interiors. Your décor palette just got a whole lot more interesting.

Balanced Simplicity

Love the Pinterest trend of throwing a sheepskin just-so over a minimalist armchair? Then architect and interior designer Madeleine Blanchfield, says you're on the money for 2017. Look for sustainably sourced furs and sheepskins, or go for faux fur to recreate this Scandi-inspired look in your home. Blanchfield also loves sticking to the simple things, taking your jute mat and replacing it with a thick, textured wool rug is like a spa for your feetwarm, soft, and ultra soothing. Blanchfield suggests sticking to monochrome options, such as a geometric beni ourain carpet. Complete the entire scene with a chic rocking chair—not only reserved for the nursery—as the relaxing piece is the best spot for unwinding with a glass of wine (can you say, lagom?).

Earthy Texture

Add warmth to any space with combinations of rustic and natural textures and colours. Alanna Smit of Alanna Smit Structural Interiors reassures that green is still on trend (thank you, Pantone), and can easily be incorporated into seasonal décor. Smit says that it makes her nostalgic of summer but in a good way. "Being near the ocean with that deep, winter sea green keeps your home feeling coastal throughout winter." Something we can all relate to. Keeping within the theme of layering and adding to our summer accessories, terracotta and rattan can be used and played with to create comfort. "I love the rustic texture of clay and it can be brought into the home in so many ways besides tiling, or being just reserved for the garden," Smit says. Try a sculptural vessel or a terracotta bowl for a fruit display in your kitchen—and other earthenware is also an option. Rattan and woven pieces, such as baskets and chunky rustic weaves, or even throwing a flat cushion over your rattan dining chairs can instantly add cosines to your next dinner party. Sticking to darker more earthy shades is key to seamlessly transition from summer to winter.

Want more winter trends for your home? Try the vintage look with our favourite stores around Sydney.

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