From Mixed Metals to Florals: Introducing Winter 2018's Major Decor Trends

Nicole Singh

While it may take a while before the mercury officially starts to drop, once it does, we’re betting our transition into winter will happen quickly. Not only does winter bring a weather shift, but also, a change in activities often signalling a time to hibernate, rest and regroup with a good book and cup of tea. But just like with fashion, winter also brings with it a slew of new décor trends that allow your space to feel new again.

When it comes to being at the forefront of any décor trend, it can be hard to guess what the key, timeless items will be. This is why we spoke to interior designer, Rian Smith about what she's seeing interior experts tap into at the moment (meaning they’re about to be everywhere, and are likely here to stay for a while). What can you expect this season? Bold colours, floral accents and vintage staples. Read on for seven décor movements designers will be embracing this season, and the items we’re adding to our cart.



Whether it’s in wallpaper, fabrics, or tablescapes, florals are going to be present in a big way this season. Smith explains how to incorporate it into your home. “Florals, one of my favourites! Not only do they bring out a more feminine side to a space, but they also bring pattern to a simple interior. You’ll be seeing floral wallpaper, upholstered furniture pieces, and even tablescapes incorporate beautiful floral arrangements. Using florals could never be easier. Whether sourcing a one of a kind fabric, or simply adding a fresh bouquet of peonies to your living room setting, your space will instantly feel fresh.”

Jasmine Dowling Wallflower No. 1 Print ($59)


We’ve noted that minimalism is a trend that seems to be taking a back seat. Whether you’re partial to emerald, or have always wanted to experiment with burnt orange, now is definitely the time, Smith explains. “Let’s talk about colour. Big, bold, fierce colours are making their way front and centre. People aren’t afraid to spin the colour wheel. Colours I’m loving right now are: Emerald, sapphire, burnt orange and aubergine. These deep rich shades command attention, but also have a way of being timeless. Think of your grandmother’s vintage jewellery. Legendary hues that will be stylish for generations. I think the perfect opportunity to incorporate these colours—especially if you want to test the waters before re-upholstering your favourite sofa—would be to experiment with artwork, cushions, or decorative objects, such as a vase.”

Georg Jensen Stoneware Vase ($115)


We spoke about the transterior trend earlier in the year, the idea where outdoor and indoor elements are now colliding in order to create one unified space. This is also evident in the increasingly popular idea of using cement finishes indoors. “I literally see these tiles everywhere” says Smith, further adding that they are a perfect statement feature in the home. “These tiles are so much more unique than your typical ceramic subway tile. Install them as a kitchen back-splash, an accent wall from floor to ceiling in a powder room, or even the face of an outdoor bar. Clients love the never-ending patterns, array of colours, versatility, and overall look of they give.”

Tile Cloud Albert Subway ($101)


Well, yet again rattan isn’t going anywhere. While it fits perfectly with the coastal aesthetic that many Australians are inspired by, Smith suggests that they are just as relevant for the cooler weather. “This natural material takes any interior vignette from simple to statement-worthy. Layer them with throw blankets, fur cushions, and the forever trending sheepskins. Try to hunt for a special rattan piece that embodies sculptural elements to really showcase and even act as a work of art in your space.”

Lounge Lovers Lotus 3 Seat Sofa ($1099)


There’s no doubt that white is a great base colour, often making a space look fresher and bigger. Smith notes that many of her clients are loving to use white washing as a customisable accent for their floors and dressers. “Brick walls, flooring, doors, dressers, you name it, clients love that white effect on natural materials. This artistic expression helps bring levity to an interior while also giving it a layered textured flare. Clients are also really loving the ability to customise their wood flooring throughout their homes. Adding a hint of white to an American White Oak flooring can really add something special to a space.”

Freedom Cancun Table ($799)


Copper, gold, black have all had their time to shine, showing up in everything from lamps to cutlery and even taps. Smith suggests that luckily for us, you don’t need to stick to just one. “Gone are the days where designers are sticking to one metal finish throughout an interior. I love seeing antique brass juxtaposed with matte white details. While both materials are at different ends of the finish spectrum, they actually end up complimenting each other quite nicely. Two-tone fittings have never been more beautiful. You’ll be seeing this everywhere: Door hardware, bathroom taps, light fixtures, and cabinetry.”

Lexi Lighting Manor Weathered Table Lampe ($109)


Rugs are an easy way to add texture and depth to your home. Smith suggests that this season, vintage is the best way to go. “Vintage rugs are making quite the name for themselves. They come in so many colours, sizes, and patterns. What’s so amazing about these rugs are that their natural worn beauty makes them functional and timeless. A trick to keeping them in good shape over the years is to rotate them in your space every few months. This will allow the foot traffic to even out, and will help keep the colour last longer.”  

1st Dibs Vintage Persian Rug ($9900)


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