All the Wine Lingo You Need to Know

Julia Millay Walsh

Wine is one of the most welcoming drinks I know. It’s universally loved. It’s available at every price point. And there’s a bottle for everyone, no matter how tricky your taste buds desire. So why does the wine world seem so intimidating? The truth is that it shouldn’t be.

To shed some light on the peculiar world of wine, I recently spoke with Chris Cutler, founder and co-owner of an awesome new brand called Grip, which produces wallet-friendly wines inspired by easy, outdoor California living. Cutler is also a partner at MyVinotype, a technology-based platform that uses data to make smart wine recommendations, and in the past, he’s been involved in sales, marketing, brokerage, and more for a number of great wineries, so he really knows his stuff.

Cutler tells me his number one piece of advice for anyone interested in learning about wine “is not to be overwhelmed and think that you have to learn everything (or anything) about wine to appreciate it.” Like people, he says, “wine comes in many different flavours and colours, and not one is right or wrong. Just sip, share, enjoy, and don't get caught up in the details.” If you’re really gung ho about immersing yourself in the subject, “the best thing to do is start visiting wine regions and experience what makes each one unique: the soils, terroir, grapes, history, and so forth,” he adds. 

To give us a head start, I asked Cutler to share with us a list of the words that he thinks everyone should learn to better understand and appreciate wine. Read on for his glossary!

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