Tour New York's Brightest New Hotel

Peter Dolkas
w2 Just around the corner from New York's iconic Grand Central Station, two connected brownstones sit at 24 East 39th Street. Since 1924, they housed the Williams Club, a private alumni social club of prestigious liberal arts school Williams College. However, with the changing leisure interests of grads (Facebook versus racquetball), it has recently been renovated and is now home to New York's newest -- and most colourful -- breed of pied-à-terre hotel, The William. And a new breed is just what New York needs. After a long day on the city's grimy streets, the clean slate of the William provides a welcomed respite. The design is decidedly fresh, with colour-blocked rooms in bright, bold hues. Although we would never dissuade a guest from asking for a corner room on an upper floor, asking for a favourite colour may be more appropriate. w4 If the clean lines and Mouille-inspired lighting is all too modern for your liking, luckily the lobby is shared with The Peacock, a traditional British-inspired dining room and  library. It's as traditional as the William is modern -- a truly dynamic design duo. And if you're feeling adventurous (or just thirsty) take a trip down to the lower level to visit The Shakespeare Pub, where you can grab a pint and some sophisticated grub (the Branzino comes highly recommended). Although the brownstones are no longer an official club, the feeling of camaraderie is alive and well. Become a member on your next trip to New York: diploma not required. w3 w1w5w8  

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