3 Sneaky Reasons You Can't Lose Weight, According to a Nutritionist

Kelsey Clark


Nothing is more frustrating than setting a weight-loss goal, tapping every health and fitness trick in your arsenal, and seeing little to no results. But as Ann Louise Gittleman, a nutritionist and author of The New Fat Flush Plan, points out, weight loss goes far beyond diet, exercise, and willpower. "Research now confirms that lasting weight loss, good overall health, and the current obesity epidemic involve an unexpected web of complex factors and root causes," writes Gittleman for Mindbodygreen. She pinpoints the following three factors as uncommon reasons for your stubborn weight loss resistance: 

A tired, toxic liver: An unwelcome side effect of the raucous holiday season, a liver polluted with "chemicals, preservatives, heavy metals, or excess fats cannot perform its fat-burning and hormone-regulating duties," she writes. Try filling up on liver-cleansing foods, such as garlic, green tea, carrots, beets, and avocados.

Stress: When the stress hormone cortisol rears its ugly head, you're essentially disabling your body's ability to burn fat. As a fat-promoting hormone, surges of cortisol may cause you to crave sugary, fatty foods. The solution? Get enough sleep, and make an effort to minimise everyday stress, whether it's emotional, physiological, or psychological.

Low magnesium: Described as a "powerhouse nutrient" by Gittleman, magnesium essentially turns food into fuel. "When your levels are lacking, your body doesn't have adequate power to trigger efficient fat burning and your weight-loss efforts are roadblocked." Try taking a magnesium supplement or introducing magnesium-rich foods, like pumpkin seeds and raw spinach, into your diet.

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