Who Knew? You're More at Risk of Dehydration in Winter Than in Summer

Katie Fowler
by Katie Fowler

Cool winter days can be a welcome change to summer's sweltering humidity, but had you realised you could be missing the signs of dehydration because they're less obvious when you're not hot and bothered? That's right, just because you're not sweating as much during the cooler months doesn't mean you're staying hydrated. How so? Well, when you're in dry settings—think heated office cubicles, inside your home, or even exercising indoors—your sweat can evaporate instead of forming on the skin, so you don't get that physical sensation to remind you to replenish your fluids.

The solution? It can actually come from your daily salad serving. According to the International Society of Sports Nutrition, iceberg lettuce is proven to be 96 percent water, making it one of the highest fluid-rich foods you can eat. Another way is to just keep sipping. Don't stop having your daily eight glasses of water just because you're not drenched in sweat. If you can't think of anything worse during winter, try coconut water, which hydrates you quickly due to its natural electrolytes. 

If you're still feeling salad shy, hydrate the old-fashioned way with these products below.

So avoid dehydration this winter by making some of these delicious salads.

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