5 Things to Talk About Today

  • Whole Foods is facing a probe in New York City for overcharging customers for its pre-packaged foods. The Department of Consumer Affairs conducted an investigation last fall and found the weight marked on pre-packaged products was always inaccurate. A spokesperson for the high-end grocery chain stated it "never intentionally used deceptive practices to incorrectly charge customers." — NY Daily News
  • Taxi drivers in Paris staged an elaborate demonstration over their loss of business to Uber. The drivers blocked access to the city's airport and created gridlock on the main ring road. French taxi drives have to pay up to €240,00 for their licenses and are angered over the loss of business to the American app. — France 24 
  • A pop-up replica of Jerry Seinfeld's Upper West Side apartment on Seinfeld is now open to the public. The installation features props, scripts, and rare memorabilia from the series and is open daily through June 28. Hulu, which began streaming all episodes of Seinfeld yesterday, is behind the mini-museum. — ABC News
  • Univision is cancelling its telecast of the Miss USA pageant following Donald Trump's offensive remarks about Mexicans. Trump, who is part owner of the beauty pageant and also running for president, claimed immigrants from Mexico "have lots of problems" and are "bringing those problems to us." Univision is the largest  Spanish-language broadcaster in the United States. — CNN
  • There is now a dog-focused Tinder called Tindog. The format of Tindog is the same as the polarising dating app where users swipe left or right depending on if they like what they see. Tindog seeks to connect pet lovers through dog playdates. — Elle
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