Whitney Port on Giving Birth: "Vaginal Delivery Changes Everything Down There"

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When Whitney Port started documenting her pregnancy experience, the new mum-to-be noticed there were a lot of topics no one ever talked about. So, she turned to YouTube to open up about what was happening to her body in a bid to lift the taboo about certain pregnancy and childbirth topics. 

Last week, Port posted a new video in her series, titled I Love My Baby, But I Wish My Body Didn't Have To Change, where she tackled the topic of physical changes caused by childbirth—specifically, what happened "down there."

"Having a vaginal delivery changes everything down there and that’s just something that’s really not discussed," she says in the video. "Like what it’s actually going to do and that there’s a really long recovery afterward. It’s painful and uncomfortable and along with having to take care of a newborn, you also have a whole other situation to take care of."

Port also spoke about how childbirth changed her sex life with husband Tim Rosenman. "You’re pushing, for me, an eight-pound baby out of a little teeny hole and…I was obviously concerned about what that was going to do to our sex life," she said. "If it would feel the same, if [Tim] would feel the same way. I thought a lot about if [Tim was] attracted to me, and that was hard because I was never insecure about that before."

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