Minimalists Will Find This Serene All-White Home Seriously Soothing

Sophie Miura

Like many aspects of designing a home, the simplest choices often turn out to be incredibly complex. Just ask Kate Krasic and Amanda Nycz of Toronto-based firm Kate+Amanda Design. The duo recently completed designing Kate's home and chose to decorate almost every room with an all-white colour palette. You might think that forgoing colour would simplify the process, but it's quite the opposite.

"When Amanda and I talk to clients about designing their homes, we always say think about spaces that they have been in that make them feel the most comfortable. The cleanliness of white always makes me feel the most at ease," says Krasic, who lives in the three-bedroom home with her husband, Chris, who was also the contractor. "But like all white spaces, they need warming up, and that's where the natural elements come in—the jute, marble, light oak and then a touch of black since it grounds everything."

Though white spaces always look calm and cohesive, they also run the risk of appearing stark, something the designers were conscious of when decorating each room. Thanks to a few insider tricks, they managed to create a stunning space that's a lesson in monochromatic design. Take a look inside.

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