So, The Fat Jewish and White Girl Problems Joined Forces...

Genevieve Fish

Happy early birthday, America! It’s an extra-special weekend now! Our favourite social media satirists, The Fat Jewish and Babe Walker of White Girl Problems, have come together to create a much-anticipated summer must-have, White Girl Rosé. To quote its creators, it’s totally “free range, macrobiotic, fair trade, grass fed, conflict free, cage free, low carb, gluten free, delicious and most of all, so us.”

Harper’s Bazaar recently asked The Fat Jewish if men should drink rosé. TFJ’s answer? “Yes. Rosé is like puppies. If you hate it you are an absolute monster.” We’d have to agree!

We heard White Girl Rosé was so popular it already broke Fresh Direct, so be sure to place your orders ASAP.

What do you think about this hilarious duo joining forces? 

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