5 Vintage-Inspired Drink Trolleys That Wouldn't Look Out of Place on Mad Men

Nicole Singh

Oliver Bonas

In a world where mixologist-level cocktail recipes are available at the click of a button and affordable wine selections rival that of some of the finest drops, you could say, there's a solid case for saving some cash and accruing a fine alcohol selection of your own. Hence, why we think the vintage drinks trolley comeback is an exciting time for modern interiors. That, and the growth of midcentury modern trend this year alone, of course. 

After scouring the web for the best of the best cocktail trolleys, we've found five chic options that could wouldn't look out of place on a Mad Men set, and would also be a perfect addition to even the smallest of spaces.

Cocktail trolleys and bar carts came to popularity in the '40s and stood the test of time until the '70s. The key to nailing a vintage-inspired drinks trolley in your own home? Gold accents, marble detailing, and statement wheels.  

Take a look at our selection and shop the trolleys we're adding to our "must-have" list immediately.

Heritage Lisbon Bar Cart ($369)

The classic detailing on this trolley will make it a statement in any home.

Cafe Lighting & Living Franklin Drinks Trolley ($1499)

We love the Art Deco shape on this bar cart, and who could ignore the marble finish?

Amalfi Wembley Trolley ($439)

A compact option perfect for a smaller living space. 

West Elm Midcentury Bar Cart ($599)

West Elm has masterfully created the perfect midcentury option and the timber finish allows for a timeless feel.

Matt Blatt Smithy Bar Cart ($395)

We love the statement wheels on this trolley. 

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