Crystals for Beginners: Everything You Need to Know

Katie Fowler
by Katie Fowler

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I was given my first crystal six years ago. The piece of rose quartz was gifted to me during a trying time in my life and to this day I believe in its power to charge up with energy, to positively change me, and to bring love and light into my life. The pink beauty sits on my dresser next to the necklace of a lotus flower and buddha that I wear every day. Every night the crystal's energy spills onto my jewellery, and when I wear it, I find myself subconsciously rubbing the buddha between my thumb and forefinger and I feel peace, love, and safety. Are you already reading this with one eyebrow askew and thinking to yourself, "Um, is she okay?"—well, you're forgiven. I know crystals and healing energy is a niche subject, but with so many positive experiences out there I can't help but be a believer.

To further increase your eyebrow raise, I find nature's semiprecious stones can also deliver increased wellness and health. How, you ask? Through the energy system. To further explore this I asked Rachel Crethar, owner of Rock & Co, to share her top six crystals for six different women. In this exclusive guide for MyDomaine Australia, she explains what each stone does, as well as her personal favourites, and a real-life success story.

If you're still not sold after reading this, crystals do always make for a unique décor accessory, and you might just find your home feeling lighter, too.

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MYDOMAINE AUSTRALIA: What makes crystals work?

RACHEL CRETHAR: Crystals work through the human energy systemthat is our chakras, meridian system, and aura, not through our physical body. Yet our energy system can affect our physical body. Memories can be held in our joints, cells and bones, so it's important to clear these points and keep the energy flowing through the body to avoid illness. Overall, crystals should be used to "speed up" the healing process by encouraging emotional release, spiritual development, or awakening and helping to balance your chakras' meridian system. 

MD: What is your personal favourite crystal?

RC: It's hard to have a favourite because I tend to go through phases depending on what I’m working on, or trying to clear at the time. That said, I have a soft spot for green apophyllite and celestite.

MD: How can more people incorporate crystals into their busy lives?

RC: There are so many uses for crystals. You can have crystals on your desk for wealth or creativity, in your pocket for staying grounded during the day, on your bedside for sleep or emotional healing, and even throughout the house for protection or energy regulation.

MD: Do you have any specific memory or experience of a crystal changing your life or a client's? 

RC: So many. They are the best types of emails to get. One of my favourite stories was from a friend that was having trouble selling her house. I gave her a piece of pyrite and told her to sit quietly and visualise the exact amount she wanted to receive. Within three hours an offer had been made that was $150,000 more than anyone had indicated to agents they would pay. She said that was the exact amount she needed and had visualised. It was amazing.

Read on to find your perfect crystal match with Rachel's detailed guide.

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