Sibella Court Reveals Her Sources of Inspiration

Sibella Court

In her first column for MyDomaine Australia, interior stylist, product designer, historian, globetrotter and creative director, Sibella Court, gives us an insight into where she finds inspiration. With over 20 years in the creative industry, we can safely say that Court, the owner and founder of The Society Inc. and the host of ABC’s Restoration Australia, is well-versed in the art of beautiful spaces. As long time aficionados of her work, we are thrilled to be given a sneak peek into her creative world.

I love storytelling through design and still-life. After living and working in New York City for over a decade, I have amassed a great knowledge of international shopping and styling. I opened my shop The Society Inc. in Sydney to incorporate all of my inspirations and favourite makers and creators in one imaginarium, just like being inside one of my five books.

My home and commercial spaces are so informed by what I see and seek. Here are three places where I continually find inspiration.

Urban Lifestyle & Cityscape

PHOTO: Chris Court. Styling by Sibella Court

We have recently moved into a vast warehouse that I imagined as part-studio, part-retail space in the Inner West of Sydney. There is a very youthful and encouraging energy in these urban areas and it is never devoid of excitement, creativity and inspiration. I lived in New York City for a decade and the hustle and bustle of Canal Street always left me inspired for my next day of styling. I love urban textures, finishes, metals and materials. This collection of unique finds was the inspiration behind my own hardware range!

Museums & Art Galleries

PHOTO: Chris Court. Styling by Sibella Court

The year of 1856 is my favourite time in history. I love The Royal Society of London, characters like Charles Darwin and the experimentation, inventiveness and courage these scientists and discoverers shared. They were fearless and I am reminded of their attitude whenever I visit natural history museums or art galleries around the world and observe the display cases, rich catalogues of information and different species.

The Ocean

PHOTO: Chris Court. Styling by Sibella Court

I have three homes, one of which is in Byron Bay. Since I was very young, I loved going on beachcombing jaunts with my family, scouring for shells and natural treasures. I created my Tales of a Sea Gypsy paint range with Murobond to combine all of these oceanic inspirations into one beautiful collection of colour. I love to incorporate anything nautical or anything that reminds me of seafaring adventures in my home and commercial spaces. After all, I am part pirate.

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