9 Out-of-This-World Travel Destinations We Discovered From Our Readers

Sophie Miura

When a little-known app called Instagram launched in October 2010, few could have predicted how significantly it would shape the travel industry. Where once backpackers exchanged tips on hostel bulletin boards, now we're able to share high-resolution images and an exact location to thousands of people. Admittedly, this has caused particularly photogenic spots to become overrun with iPhone-wielding tourists, but there's a significant plus side: It's also become one of the best tools to discover new travel destinations and plan a trip. 

That's one of the biggest lessons we've learned from #MyDomaineTravels, our Instagram hashtag that connects readers around the world and lets us follow all of your amazing adventures. At the moment, there are 24,654 Instagram posts that use the hashtag, giving us plenty of intel and inspiration to plan our next trip. In need of a vacation or just a bit of armchair wanderlust? Here are eight out-of-this-world travel destinations we discovered with this hashtag. 

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