Science Says There Are Only 3 Ways to Meet a Guy

Sophie Miura

Single? A new study suggests you might be looking to meet men in the wrong place. The Washington Post recently shone a light on findings by Stanford University sociologist Michael Rosenfeld. Amid graphs and data pulled from dating websites around the world, one clear finding jumped out: The way we meet romantic partners is drastically changing. Researchers point out that while couples used to meet in multiple settings (at church, during high school, in the office), there are now only three leading places where you're likely to meet your boyfriend-to-be. Read on to discover the best and worst places to meet The One. 

Best: Online

When researchers studied how heterosexual couples met from 1940–2009, it's not surprising that the biggest growth area was online dating. Meeting a partner online was only one of two growth areas, and while present day data hasn't been released, we're sure Tinder has bumped those figures even higher. 

Worst: Through Co-Workers

In 1990, the second most common way couples met was in the workplace. Co-worker romance is now in sharp decline, so research suggests you have better chances finding a partner outside of the workday. 

Best: Via Mutual Friends

The majority of couples still meet through mutual friends but this trend is dramatically changing. The last two decades have seen a steep decline in couples meeting via friends, giving singles a scientific reason they don't want to be set up. 

Worst: In University

The chances of finding a university sweetheart are getting slim. The study saw a steady decline in longlasting college romances since 1940. 

Best: At a Bar or Restaurant

Meeting your boyfriend-to-be during a night out is now the second most popular way to spark romance. Unlike most of the other findings, this area is on the rise, suggesting that after online dating, one of the best ways to meet a man is over a cocktail or meal. Cheers to that!

Have you met your man? Find him a gift he'll love, then visit The Washington Post to read more. 

Did you meet your partner somewhere that wasn't included in the study? Tell us in the comments below. 

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