24 Things to Do on a Plane When You're Bored

Gabrielle Savoie

Picture this: You're rushing to the airport, iPhone half-dead, without a worry in the world. All you need is for the battery to last until you check in so you can peruse the airport with your boarding pass. Once seated on the plane, you know you can expect an outlet to plug in your phone or laptop and in-flight Wi-Fi so you can finish a few urgent work tasks before nodding off to your favourite classic movie or the latest new release. Then you board—and to your shock and horror, there's no outlet, Wi-Fi, or entertainment system.

This dilemma is a sign that many people have gotten so used to technology being readily available on flights that it's turned them into lazy travellers. So on the off chance that your next flight is technology-free, take these tried-and-true tricks to keep you entertained. Don't sweat it if your entertainment system is nonexistent—we've got 24 things to do on a plane when you're bored.

This story was originally published on April 12, 2018, and has since been updated.

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