The One Thing Successful Women Never Do

Kelsey Clark

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As ambitious, hardworking women, we’re always intrigued by the routines, mental habits, and long-term goals of the world’s most successful people. From the full-time working mother to the wellness entrepreneur who quit corporate life in search of a healthy work/life balance, we believe our world is filled with wonder women, no matter what the career path (or lack thereof).

While all successful women may not share job titles or work schedules, they undoubtedly share similar mental strengths and personality traits, as well as a list of habits to avoid. Most notably, successful women never expect perfect circumstances, according to a recent piece from Forbes. While many of these women’s lives appear picture perfect, this is due to hard work and perseverance, not good luck or a lack of hardship.

“Forget about finding the perfect job or waiting for perfect conditions before making a leap. Learn to differentiate between the pain of growing and the pain of suffering,” writes Nancy Clark, a Forbes contributor and career coach for women. “It’s easy to say that conditions are poor, nothing is going your way, and that you’ve been dealt an unfair hand. These are all excuses as you move further down the road of surrender.”

Instead, realise you’re not alone, others have experienced the same struggles as you have, and everyone starts out as a beginner. Use this knowledge to humble you, empower you, and connect you with others along your path to success.

For the full list of habits that successful women avoid, head over to Forbes, and pick up a copy of The Career Code for more on building your career.

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