3 Popular Dishes You Should Never Order, According to Restaurant Chefs

Kelsey Clark

Going out to dinner at a nice restaurant is a special occasion, and should be treated as such. Restaurant and dining etiquette aside, what, when, and how you order the dish of your choosing can set the tone for your overall dining experience. Unsurprisingly, chefs, nutritionists, and food safety experts have strong opinions on the restaurant dishes you shouldn't order—many of which are quite surprising. Elle Decor recently gathered some interesting responses, causing us to rethink our restaurant order in the process. 

Never order fish on a Monday. A personal rule of world-famous chef and best-selling author Anthony Bourdain, he warns against ordering fish on Mondays in his book, Kitchen Confidential. Since seafood orders typically come in on Thursdays or Fridays, your fish may be on the verge of spoiling come Monday evening. 

Skip the Kobe beef burger. As an extremely rare and expensive cut of meat, it's basically chef sacrilege to grind up Kobe beef and serve it between two buns. So most chefs don't—The Daily Meal even goes as far as suggesting that restaurants offering the meal are "flat-out lying to you. Don't order it, based on principle."

Forget about the chicken dish. Not only do chefs criticise chicken dishes as being overpriced and bland, they're an unpopular choice among nutritionists as well. "People think chicken is a free food, but some sizes of the breasts are huge. They can be 250 grams!" says dietitian and food safety expert Joan Salge Blake in an interview with Health. For reference, a serving size of chicken is just 80 grams. "The key, no matter what you’re ordering, is not over-consuming portions."

Are you guilty of any of these restaurant faux-pas? Share your experience below!

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