Women With These Traits Are Most Popular on Dating Apps

Sophie Miura

While we'd hope that a witty bio and sparkling banter are the root cause of online attraction, the harsh reality is that the decision to swipe left or right starts with one thing: your profile picture. We get it; it's judgmental and probably a poor way to assess the chance of a real bond, but the image you choose to use on dating apps can have a serious pull on your dating life. To that point, Badoo, one of the world's largest online dating networks, has scanned insights from their pool of 318 million users to find out what men want (in women, at least). According to their data, women with these physical traits are more likely to attract male users:

  • Eye colour: Brown (60% of users were attracted to this trait)
  • Hair colour: Brunette (40%)
  • Height: 5'3" to 5'6" (46%)
  • Body type: Average (40%)

In contrast, women with blonde hair and an athletic body type were deemed least likely to elicit a positive response from men using the dating network. Yes, if the results from Badoo's first global survey are any indication of dating trends, blondes don't really have more fun. 

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