What Men Really Think of Our Favourite Décor Trends

Lauren Powell
by Lauren Powell

While we are happy to hit the shops month after month to adorn our homes with the latest trends—hello sheepskins, marble accents, and our new fiddle leaf fig—we generally don't stop to consider what the men in our lives may think about the addition of a kaleidoscopic tribal rug in the living room, or a fluffy white sheepskin draping over our statement chair. So, we thought it was about time we found out—and we are glad we did. Read on to find out what men really think of our favourite décor trends.


via Amber Interiors

"Can't have enough—I’d live in a tree house if my wife would let me." — James, 33

"Yep, love a bit of greenery throughout the house, brings the outside inside and just gives the house a good feel—plus it brings a bit of colour as well." — Ben, 32

"Personally, I love indoor greenery—I have it in my restaurant, I think it’s a great way to add some life to a large open space." — Mitch, 31

"It just makes me think 'get a garden'." — Trent, 26

"It’s cool. I love the idea of living in a jungle paradise. The more the better. Palms, hanging ferns, cacti—all good." — Jason, 29

Domus Botanica Fiddle Leaf Fig ($75)


Derek Swalwell, design by Arhaus Architecture

"The most expensive way to ruin a room." — James, 33

"Not a fan really, loved the game as a kid, but seems a bit excessive." — Ben, 32

"Not a massive marble fan, I just don't really like the look of it." — Mitch, 31

"How can you not love this? Though I feel like the style would cost another mortgage." — Trent, 26

"I love marble, but only in small doses. Like a cutting board or a candle holder (yes, I like candles). Too much, and you risk your house looking like the Parthenon or Acropolis." — Jason, 29

Matt Blatt Side Table ($295)


Elle Decor

"Passive colours you mean? Not for me." — James, 33

"It’s okay as long as it’s not everywhere then it seems a bit to '70s–if it’s used minimally I think its okay." — Ben, 32

"I feel as if this is when someone just cracked it at the paint shop and goes 'I don’t care choose whatever…' It’s the only reason I can think of how this style came about."— Trent, 26

"Pastel is a bit too girly and feminine for me. I like Wes Anderson films as much as the next hipster, but living in one is too much." — Jason, 29

Country Road Cushion ($50)

"Should only be seen on the front seats of pre-1980 Ford Fairlanes." — James, 33

"Don’t really like it, not sure why, but it’s too small to be used practically (stay safe, Lambchop!)." — Ben, 32

"Not for me, although after recently visiting Nashville I’m a little more prone to some cowboy décor—needs to be in the right context though." — Mitch, 31

"This style scares me, I can deal with one sheepskin, but I call it at one. Let’s not turn this style into taxidermy." — Trent, 26

"Not a fan—too itchy and they give me the sneezes. I don't mind a little bit of taxidermy here and there (I have a few deer heads in my living room). Substitute sheepskins for a couple of cow hide rugs and you've got a deal." — Jason, 29

Home Republic Ivory Sheepskin Single ($170)


Amber Interiors 

"Sorry, what? Interiors inspired by people that live outside?" — James, 33

"Really like this, it takes a bit bravado to go with it, but if it’s done right it looks awesome." — Ben, 32

"I like them, I think it can really add some personality to a space. Good way to add some colour to wooden finishes." —Mitch, 31

"If I walked into a house with this styling, I would quickly walk straight out—I just envision smells of musk." — Trent, 26

"I've always loved American Indian stuff, so I think I'm one of the few guys that doesn’t mind tribal interiors. But don't go too hippy with the bright colours—keep it authentic and I think it can work." — Jason, 29

Marr-Kett Azilal Rug ($1300)


Courtesy of Lonny

"Gallery walls are great, but not too planned out or symmetrical—a bit sporadic with different sized prints and frames and they look good and fill a wall superbly." — Ben, 32

"Love them. The way they look kind of neat but in a messy type of way just really appeals to me. Different sized frames especially." — Mitch, 31

"This style I like and feel I can understand. It’s modern and looks practical—I’m big on practical." — Trent, 26

"On maybe one wall, it can look good, but too much and it just clutters a space. I prefer one large print to keep it minimal. If you've got heaps of cool small pieces then I think this is the best way to showcase them." — Jason, 29

Tara Pearce Bon Venice Print ($795)

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