Turns Out This Is What Makes You Most Attractive to Someone

Katie Fowler
by Katie Fowler

True storyI once followed a man along the platform of an Underground Tube station in London (at peak hour) after his scent wafted over to me when the train flew by. One hit of the fragrance and I was a woman possessed. The smell. I needed more of it. And most importantly, I needed to know what it was so I could go and buy it for my future boyfriend. My shyness eventually diminished, so I marched up to the older gentleman and simply asked, “What cologne are you wearing? It’s amazing.” He wasn’t overly attractive, and he was old enough to have been my father, but his scent made his blue eyes sparkle like sapphires and his features suddenly turned into those of Jamie Dornan. He said that I had made his day.

I now know it's not surprising I was suddenly overwhelmed that day, because scent is more important than we first thought when it comes down to who we're drawn to. HuffPost Australia reported on new research that suggests attractiveness isn't just a matter of good looks, it also has a lot to do with scent and voice.

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For me, I'm a sucker for an all-natural, soap-smelling man. This tells me that they bathe frequently (a must), take personal pride in their appearance and hygiene (even more of a must), and that they don’t need to cover their natural odour by drowning themselves in cologne—even if it is Hermés (what the man on the tube was wearing BTW). It seems a person's signature scent plays a big part in finding someone attractive because it makes us want to find out why this person smells a certain way—it leads to us to becoming intrigued. And we also have a tendency to be attracted to scents that are different to our own—so girls, go out and buy that perfume you loved but didn't think your friends would.

And yes, you did read that correctly before, the sound of your voice says a lot about you to the opposite sex. The research discovered that men found women more attractive when their appearance and voice matched each other in terms of the observed level of femininity. “Perceiving others through all three channels [eyes, ears and nose] gives a more reliable and broader variety of information about them,” says lead author Agata Groyecka. So, the next time you’re speaking to your blind date on the phone, listen in a little closer and you could learn a lot more.

Oh, and if you want to know what the exact scent that kickstarted my stalker-like behaviour that day in London, here it is.

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