How This Business Is Solving One of the Biggest Challenges for Women Today

Katie Fowler
by Katie Fowler

Harper and Harley

Flexibility. A term often associated with performing downward dog (or maybe just reaching down to touch your toes). It's not often attributed to the schedules of women working in large corporations. If you’ve ever been part of one of those companies, you'll know that businesses struggle to demonstrate efficiency and strategy when it comes to flexible working arrangements and promoting a healthy work/life balance. Enter: Wyse Women, which offers a solution to these issues by connecting like-minded women with companies where they can flourish.

Through its research, Wyse Women found that 70 percent of the 400 women it surveyed "expressed a strong desire to take on a project while either caring for a child, working on a passion, setting up a new business, or moving further from the city." These findings show how the traditional nine-to-five working model just does not suit today’s women, who are extremely motivated and passionate about making a difference.

Women are looking for that next challenge or project that fulfills their creative desires, and not only allows them to stay in the industry but also grow their network and experience. Sound familiar? Founder Sarah Wyse explains, “Our mission is to provide all our outstanding women the opportunity to work on their terms, in a flexible and supportive environment.” So, does this make you change your outlook on your current job? Does a work/life balance really exist? With this new forum, anything is possible.

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