Try This Next Time You Need a Boost to Get Through the Day

Katie Fowler
by Katie Fowler

Brooke Testoni

My alarm goes off at 5:15 am every morning, but, without fail, I'm always tired upon waking. (No matter what time I went to bed the night before.) For me, a major motivation to get up and out the door is the thought of sipping my single morning coffee at my desk. But as we know, the affects of coffee eventually wear off. To combat this I usually reach for a sugary snack to boost my energy, in the belief that more caffeine will negatively affect my performance at work. Not the best tactic to rely on regularly, I'll admit.

So, you can imagine how excited I was to read the results of a recent study, reported by Business Insider Australia, that found a mix of caffeine and napping (my two favourite things) can actually enhance your work day. Dubbed the ‘coffee nap’, the study found that for some people drinking coffee before a 15-minute nap not only didn't affect their sleep, it actually gave them an extra zap of energy when they woke up. Contrary to what I've always believed, coffee right before sleep isn't necessarily badyou really only feel the effects of the caffeine hit hours later. It might be tough to convince the boss to give you some nap time, but if there’s ever been an excuse to ask for a nap room, this is it, right? Alternatively, grab a latte and a 10 minute kip in a nearby park at lunch to reap the benefits.

To read the full effects of the coffee nap head to Business Insider Australia, then shop our favourite sleep-inducing product.

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