The Most Appropriate Flowers to Send for Every Occasion

Lauren Powell

Take a moment to remember how you felt the last time an bunch of blooms landed on your desk or doorstep. Whether it was for a celebratory reason, or a thoughtful reason, as soon as you lay eyes on those pretty florals, you instantaneously feel special. Sending flowers on momentous occasions to friends, family, and acquaintances is a universal pastime and one that comes with guaranteed thought, kindness, and consideration every single time—a gift in itself. But as the sender, the questions always looms—what type, what colour, and what size? Because fuschia Sweet Peas probably don’t scream “I’m sorry”, while a subtle bunch of greenery probably doesn’t symbolise “congratulations” so it’s important to get it right. Enter Kieran Birchall from renowned Sydney-based florist, MyFlowerMan, who always gets it right, so we can now too.

Scroll on, step into Birchall’s dreamy new space first and then find out how to deliver your next bouquet of blooms in appropriate style.

Inspired? Send some flowers now, just because and make someone's day—because, why not?

What are your favourite flowers to send? Tell us below!

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