These Apps Will Increase Your Happiness and Productivity

Lauren Powell


We’re all about simple, easy hacks that will boost mood, increase happiness, and improve our health (who isn't). And we’re already huge fans of these five simple hacks to boost your mood in an instant and we already practice how to get happy in five minutes or less. So, to celebrate World Mental Health Day today, we’ve rounded up the best wellbeing apps that will help put a smile on your dial. From meditation and exercise workouts to music therapy, these apps were created to help you be the happiest and healthiest version of yourself you can possibly be. And not only for today, for everyday. Scroll on and turn your smartphone into a health guru.

To learn more about how technology can benefit and improve your wellbeing, Apple are holding a free event in Sydney lead by psychologist and CEO of Smiling Mind, Dr Addie Wootten. See event details below. 

Event: Wellbeing and Technology with Streaks and Smiling Mind 
Details: Technology may be making life busier, but it can also help us live more balanced lives. There are devices and apps to help you focus your thoughts, manage your time, breathe deeper and form good habits. Come and hear from Dr Addie Wootten, psychologist and CEO of Smiling Mind — an app-based meditation program — and Quentin Zervaas, Co-Founder of the Streaks habit-tracking app. They’ll be joined by psychologist Dr Paula Robinson in a discussion about the intersection of wellbeing and technology.

When: Thursday, 27 October at 6:00 pm (Apple Sydney) 


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