5 Things You Should Already Be Doing at Home

Julia Millay Walsh
1. Making breakfast. A healthy breakfast is the best way to start your day. Get started with this delicious recipe for scrambled eggs which has a surprising ingredient: orange juice. dh-recipe-of-the-week-scrambled-eggs-slide-new 2. Getting inspired. How can you improve your home if you don't feel inspired to do so? Take a look back at some of our previous home tours to get the wheels turning. Satine Creative Director Kelly Sawyer Patricof's West Hollywood bungalow is a very good place to start. dh-home-tour-kelly-sp-09 3. Producing something. There's nothing like a handmade touch to make your home stand out from all the rest. Even better if it looks luxurious instead of "crafty," right? This DIY brass chandelier kit is just the ticket. 1-1   4. Making a great first impression. Your foyer is your guest's first impression of your home, so make it fabulous! Read our editor-at-large Estee Stanley's tips on conquering your disheveled entryway to get yours in order. Radcliffe5 5. Keeping in touch. Being attached to your smart phone is no reason to throw traditional etiquette out the window. Shop our top stationery picks and send a letter to your grandma everyone once in a while. top10-stationary-slide   Photographs: 1. Claire Thomas, 2. Justin Coit, 3. Lindsay Adelman, 4. Colin Radcliffe
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