10 Overlooked Factors to Consider in a Wedding Venue

After the initial shock and joy of our November engagement finally settled in (sometime in January), my fiancé and I started to get serious about planning our nuptials. I was thrilled at the thought of planning a ceremony that would be meaningful to us and to our families, along with a party that our guests would never forget. But so many thoughts and ideas were running through my head and I found myself totally overwhelmed and intimidated by the idea of planning such a big event. Simultaneously, I was falling deeper and deeper into the wedding-inspiration Pinterest hole.

The first thing every planner, book, and bride will tell you is that selecting a location and venue for your big day is the hardest and biggest decision—and one you should make first. There’s no use falling in love with a floral arrangement or china pattern for your reception tables until you know where your reception will actually be. Once you’ve locked down your city and state, there’s still a lot to figure out before selecting the exact location for your big event! From cut-off times to your guest count, below are 10 important factors you don’t want to overlook.

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