The Best Modern Weddings Have These 6 Things in Common, Says a Planner


KT Merry

If you’re part of the 20- and 30-something millennial generation, you probably haven’t noticed a subtle but sizeable shift that’s occurred during a key life milestone: weddings. Once synonymous with tradition, the way modern nuptials are being planned, paid for, and celebrated on the day bear little resemblance to their predecessors. According to The New York Times, so-called “breakaway brides” are on the rise. They resist cookie-cutter trends and pride themselves on finding unique and ultimately more heartfelt, momentous ways to celebrate love.

One such way we’ve seen this trend translate to real weddings is via technology. Years ago, introducing an event hashtag seemed so progressive, but given the rapid pace of change in the tech world, it’s only natural that its influence on modern nuptials is constantly shifting, too. So which trends are dated and which are actually worth considering for your big day? We spoke to Lauryn Prattes of Lauryn Prattes Events, a Washington, D.C.–based bridal and event planning firm, to find out about which trends that are here to stay.

Brides-to-be, take note: These tech touches will be at every modern wedding in 2017.

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