8 Wedding Trends You'll See in 2015

Dana Covit

Planning a wedding can be a wild ride! Between hashing out the guest list, tackling the harrowing seating plan, and nailing down the particulars of the big day itself, there is, of course, figuring out what “type” of wedding you’re about to throw. This decision extends to everything from the way you register to the florals you decorate with to even the way you document, and remember, the special day. 

But for many couples, wedding trends are mystifying—how do you know what’s in and what’s unequivocally out? Should you care? The cardinal rule is, of course, to create a wedding you (and your partner!) love, trends aside. But it’s still fun to take a look at what’s new in the space. To get a preview of the trends sure to be making waves in 2015, we enlisted the help of the team of experts at Zola, led by PR manager, Allison Davis. A new take on the traditional wedding registry model, Zola is a destination for couples thinking outside the fine china box (think: varied retailers and brands, furniture, food, bicycles, experiences, honeymoon funds and more). So when it comes to getting a feel for what’s next, they definitely have their finger on the pulse. Read on!

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