15 Thoughtful Off-the-Registry Wedding Gift Ideas

Peter Dolkas

There's nothing wrong with choosing a wedding gift from the registry -- after all the happy couple is asking nicely for those items. However, it can be a whole lot more fun to go rogue and gift something off the registry. To ensure the newlyweds feel marital bliss, and not gift remorse, make sure you get something that will stand the test of time, both in style and in quality. Monogrammed items, like linen napkins, are always a safe bet, as newlyweds love to ogle over their new initials. Also, tabletop items that can be pulled out for entertaining, like a hand-blown wine carafe, will make the couple feel super grown up. Whatever you may gift, wrap it up stylishly and include a personal note; the bride and groom are sure to love it.



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Photography: via Bash, Please 

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