You Should Wear This Color to a Job Interview

Sophie Miura

It's the big day: You've spent hours practicing interview questions, researching the company and preparing for any curveballs, but have you considered what color you'll wear? We know that decorating an interior with color can instantly transform a space, but science suggests color could also play a role in scoring you a job. In a recent article, Reader's Digest explored the link between color and first impressions. Read on to discover our edit of what color to wear to an interview, creative meeting, negotiation, and more. 

Job Interview

Want to wear a color that says hire me? According to science, navy blue is best. Over 2000 hiring managers believe navy blue represents team players, a CareerBuilder survey found. The color is also said to symbolize loyalty, control, and confidence—all good qualities for a job interview. Lisa Johnson Mandell at AOL Jobs writes that navy blue is better than black because it "inspires confidence. You are more likely to get the job when you wear navy blue to an interview than any other colour."

As for the worst color? Orange. The study found that managers thought the tangerine tone was "too loud" and overbearing. 

After-Hours Drinks

Purple might seem like an unexpected sartorial choice, but studies suggest it's the perfect pick to stand out. Reader's Digest points out that purple rarely occurs naturally in the wild and was historically a color worn by royalty, so the hue denotes power and individuality. 


Need to show authority? Head-to-toe black signals you're the boss. Branding expert Karen Haller says black is a color that's taken seriously. It can set you apart as a leader, and, if worn correctly, it can "communicate glamour, sophistication, exclusivity,” she tells Business Insider.

Creative Brainstorm

Green is the best color for creativity, according to science. In a German study, participants were given two minutes to come up with uses for a tin can. One group was given a white can, the other a green one. Researchers were shocked to discover the people who saw green came up with more creative, imaginative responses.  

Planning Meeting

Color psychology experts believe white is the best color to wear to your next team planning meeting. A crisp white shirt shows you are organized and at the top of your game.

Giving a Speech

Red can be polarizing. On one hand, it's associated with romance, but the fiery hue also implies power and strength. Image consultant Mary Lin Dedeaux says red should be worn with caution. If the outfit is too bright, you could be construed as intimidating and flashy, not a team player. 

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What color do you wear for a great first impression? Tell us in the comments below. 

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