31 Thoughtful Ways to Help a Stressed-Out Friend

Jillian Knox Finley

Deadlines, finances, relationships, physical health… There exists no shortage of stressors in the day-to-day grind. While we all experience moments of extreme stress, we can often be thankful for a strong support network to help us through tough times. But this also means you have to reciprocate when it's someone else's turn to have bouts of anxiety.

It can be tough to watch friends struggle through difficult times. Whether they're going through a breakup, are looking for a new job, or have a family member that is sick, you friend could use your moral support during stressful times. In the event your BFF is in the thick of it, we’ve come up with a host of ways to spend your next bonding session. Keep scrolling for our favourite ways to help out a stressed-out friend.

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