Finally: Scientific Proof That Buying Things Can Make You Happy

Nicole Singh


Here at MyDomaine Australia, we’re always on the hunt for science-backed ways to increase our happiness. And though we are firm believers in the power of retail therapy, the commonly uttered saying, “Money can’t buy happiness,” often enters our minds when we need to deny ourselves of (yet another) purchase. Turns out we may need a new spending deterrent According to recent research, buying things is, in fact, a sure way to lasting happiness. The only catch? Spending only induces happy vibes if it’s done on other people.

The research, a study conducted by Nature Communications, found that generous behaviour (such as spending on or donating to others) is a legitimate factor in boosting happiness. In the experiment, participants were asked to splash cash on either themselves or others. Those that spent on other people showed an increase in self-reported happiness. Researchers hypothesise this is because acts of generosity engage the temporo-parietal junction, a section of the brain associated with making moral decisions.

Though the finer details of how generosity in all forms links to increased happiness are still unclear, one thing is obvious—the warm and fuzzies you get from donating to charity or helping someone in need do you good, too. On that note, anyone need a coffee? It’s our shout.

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