22 Warm Places to Visit This Winter When You Need That Vitamin D Most

Hadley Mendelsohn

Well, it's officially in the 30s here in New York, which means winter is nigh, and I can't feel my ears right now. While those of us in the chillier regions can stand the bitter cold during the festive build-up before the holidays, we know we'll be begging for vitamin D by January. And not just the kind you find in the supermarket supplement section—we're talking real deal, sun-on-my skin-until-I'm-glowing-with-freckles kind. 

In anticipation of the coolest months of the year, we created a travel list of all the lovely warm destinations to visit during the winter when we need to dethaw. And for those of us who may not be able to jet off to the tropics of a sunnier state, revisit this page when you need a midseason pep talk in the form of a mental vacation to the equator. Scroll through to see the 22 dreamiest warm places to visit during winter. If you book them now, you'll definitely thank yourself later, and if you don't at least you'll put yourself in a Tahiti state of mind. Bye blizzards, hello balmy bliss.

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