Her First Business Failed, But That Lesson Made Her New Venture a Huge Success

Sacha Strebe

Courtesy of Vrai and Oro

Have you ever thought about how expensive jewellery is and wondered why we all have to pay so much? Vanessa Stofenmacher had that exact response when she started selling jewellery brands through her first gifting business, which she ran with her sister. That company failed, but her curiosity and drive to disrupt the jewellery industry didn't. So in 2014, Stofenmacher founded Vrai & Oro and used her learnings to launch a new fine jewellery business that sought to take the traditional brands head-on with her mission of quality, simplicity, and transparency.

Those three words might seem like fairly straightforward business principles to you reading this, but according to Stofenmacher, this wasn't the case for a lot of the big name brands. All of her jewellery is made in L.A. using only solid gold and high-quality diamonds (no fillers here) with an ethical, sustainable approach.  But we'll let her explain all the finer details in our interview below. Take a read to hear more about her inspiring journey from failure to successful startup and what she's learned along the way. 

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