Vegetarians Now Have Their Own Dating App

Katie Fowler
by Katie Fowler

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There's a new online dating app on the scene and it's solely for vegans and vegetarians. But are they really that different that they need to be separated from the pack and grouped together? Or is this app so out-there-crazy that it’s genius? Let’s go with the latter. The Urban List reported that VLove is the new Bumble and it's taking off, one broccoli stem at a time.

Not having to remind the guy you're dating that you're a vegetarian every single day when he offers a bite of his chicken sandwich will be a relief to say the least. Plus, having like-minded opinions and beliefs on eating habits will be a great conversation starter—a nice change from the generic small talk about the weather. So if you're over Bumble, Tinder, and the likes of them all, why not try and go green and maybe you'll find your own VLove to share some tahini and carrots with.

Want to get on the vegetarian bandwagon? Try these recipes to get started, then download the VLove app.

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